Avenge The Fallen Template Edit On Smartphone Without Photoshop


Howdy, Marvel fanatics out there. Last year on April 26 Avengers: Endgame was premiered on theatres across all over the globe and just before the release Marvel posted their character posters with “Avenge The Fallen Template“. And here we will exactly replicate those iconic posters for you so that even you can edit them with your own avatar that too without photoshop on your smartphone because to follow the fandom, we do Whatever It Takes.


  1. So for this tutorial, we will be using a simple yet versatile tool called Picsart, which is available for both Android and iOS devices.
  2. Avenger The Fallen” template PNG. You can download it from here.
  3. A Solo shot image of yours in dark conditions if possible for better result.

Editing the Avenge The Fallen Template

For this tutorial, we will be using a black and white image of a friend of mine who is a huge marvel fan, you can opt for a colourful image too and proceed.

Step 1: Open the picture you want to edit via PicsArt.

Step 2: Select Tools > Adjust 

Step 3: Copy the image settings give below according to your image :

  •  Brightness : – 45
  • Contrast: +50
  • Clarify: 0 (default)
  • Saturation: -40
  • Highlights: -20
  • Shadows: -30

Step 4: Tap on the Tick icon placed over the top right corner.

Step 5: Swipe through and look for “B&W” which will make your image colourless if you are using a colourful image.

 Step 6: Tap Tick and save it. Now navigate to the “Cutout” option.

While cutting out the image you can select the body icon which automatically removes the background and you can give slight finishing to the edges using the pen and eraser tool.

Red section is the object which will be saved and the later portions will be deleted.

Step 7: Tap the tick and move to the “Fit” option.

Step 8: Select the black colour from the bottom menu so it adds a solid black background just like the avenge the fallen template. Also, you can pick the pen and eraser tool from the top menu bar if you find any flaw within the cut out of your image.

Step 9: Select the leftmost brush tool with black colour and stroke it around the edges of the image to make it adaptive to the background.

Step 10: You can roll backwards and do Adjust > Crop to crop the image accordingly so it doesn’t size too big for the avenger the fallen template.

Step 11: Now from the same menu from where you opted for Adjust, select “Add Photo” and select the photo named “Avenge The Fallen Template Techno Cookie”  and adjust the size and placement according to your image.

Bonus Tip: You can select the “Glare” option and place it over your image if you feel like making it cooler.


avenge the fallen template

That is it guys, you got your avatar for avenge the fallen template without even using clumsy tools like photoshop or after-effects. Go, create the template for your friends and family to follow the legacy of fandom for marvel. Also, share this post because at Techno Cookie, We Love You 3000