[Updated] Honor Band 5 Review


Honor has penetrated their roots in Indian tech market quite deep since from past few years and just with it keep going, Honor has launched the successor for Honor Band 4 in India which is Honor Band 5. This fitness tracker launched on 7, August 2019 and just with that very moment of launched it started gaining the buzz in the market for its rebelliously competitive features towards Mi Band 4. And here in this blog, we will be talking about exactly those specifications, features, design and a lot more than this budget-oriented Fitness Band has to offer you. So let’s begin the honor band 5 review. 


Talking on the design front not many reviewers liked it due to the weak-looking strap-to-screen linkage but the reality is a lot more different for the whole band. Nothing feels like delicate and is build quite strong under the budget with no compromises.

Honor Band 5 Design


Rectangular yet the sleek body of this band won’t even create doubt that this sparkling hot structure contains such powerful sensors. The body captures the beautiful looking AMOLED screen on the top with power on sensors, magnetic charging plugs and multi-functional sensors at the bottom.


Talking about the most actively functional part of the band and also the most attractive one, it’s loaded with bright AMOLED touch display which is awesome to experience in outdoor conditions with good colour accuracy, 228 ppi (pixel per inch) screen and curved glass which you can fairly observe simplistically once it’s wrapped around your wrist. The home of the screen shows you time, date, weather and battery percentage depending upon the watch face.


Ummmm…. well this was the most criticized part of the band because according to some reviewers the silicone used in the strap build is not comfortable, which is not true. As I have been using this fitness band for 10 months now, which can assure that the band is pretty comfortable on hands no matter under what conditions I wear it.

The featherweight doesn’t even make me feel the presence hence sometimes I wear it for straight 4-5 days and there are no issues with the comfort I can find. Also, the strap has minimal lateral patterns. 

Overall, the build quality and the design is more than value for money. All those criticisms seem to be bogus and judged on the basis of on-paper specs reading and no practical experience. Although the sleek design makes it naturally adaptive to be wearable informal places without compromising fitness tracking. Also the spice of 2.5D curved AMOLED screen of 0.95″ which gives premium looking element to the band. 


Well, this is a budget fitness band but the features can give complexion to those fitness bands too which segments above this price belt. Also during the launch of Band 5, it didn’t have some of the features in the global versions as Chinese version had. But covering them up later with a firmware update, the global version was also facilitated with them.

Honor Band 5 Features

Pedo Meter (Steps Counter)

Way too obvious feature right? I know, but the good part is the accuracy. Unlike a lot of fitness bands available in the market at this price range honor’s band, 5 is way more accurate comparatively. Sensors are so freaking accurate that even if you fake a step by tapping your hand it doesn’t record that whereas there are such fitness bands to competing with honor band 5 which records steps even if you swing your hands around in the air, which is funny for obvious reasons.

BPM Monitor (Heart Rate Meter)

To be very honest I shouldn’t say this but I have played a lot with its heart rate monitoring system. I tried a lot holding my breathe and run as fast as I can so I can see how reactive is the BPM sensor and I found it quite accurate but slow for about 2-3 seconds which can be the time in which the sensors collect the data so it’s okay.

Also, it has a special feature for cardiac patients which allows the user to turn on heart rate surveillance for the whole day of your heart rate for each minute and hour of the day. Also, the configuration optimization of the sensors altogether is so good that it alerts you through a notification on your device on exceeding targeted heart rate.

Tip :  Preferred heart rate of human is between 60 - 100 BPM (Beat Per Minute)

SpO2 Meter (Blood Oxygen Meter)

ALLEGATIONS! Honour Band 5 was alleged for its SpO2 meter as a marketing strategy and gimmick but we won’t go on the technicality but yes, the kind of relative optimization honor has we can make an assumption that this meter can actually do rough sensing of blood oxygen levels. Keeping that aside this SpO2 tracker of honour band 5 helps the user to track the level of saturation in blood oxygen which is the supply of oxygen to cells and tissues.

Tip : SpO2 level of a healthy person toggles between 90 - 100

Sleep Counter

Honor Band 5 is featured with Huawei’s TruSleep technology, also while reviewing the band 5 we did tons of experiment with its sleep tracker and its more precise than my clock. The sleep counter even counts the naps you take and also the times when your brain is in a sleepy state. It also shows your sleeping state and density as a graph calling out, Deep Sleep, Light Sleep, REM (Rapid Eye Moment) Sleep, Awake time and Naps as I said earlier.

Music Controller

This functionality wasn’t pre-loaded with the global version but was later added. To control music through your honor band 5 you simply need to connect it with your smartphone with the help of Huawei Health App and you can pause/play, forward or switch to previous songs and control volumes.

Find My Phone

Find My Phone is yet another cool feature in the device which sounds like Google’s find my device but the procedure here is different. To find your phone here with your honor band 5, you need to keep it paired and connected via Bluetooth and you can ring it via find my phone feature in the band which will give a ring to your smartphone. But for that too your band and phone need to be in a definite range which the support of your Bluetooth version which is Bluetooth 5.0 in the case of Honor Band 5.


You can configure WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, SMS and Call notification for your honor band 5 via Huawei health app, which will notify your calls and SMS on band 5 and you can check out the previous messages as well.

You can also get live call notifications on your band screen and you can reject the call right from there without pulling out your smartphone. One flaw which I found with this feature is that we can’t pick up the calls we can only reject them. If I have my earphones or TWS buds plugged in I will definitely like to accept the call from right there. 


Honor Band 5 Watch Face

Honor facilitated a lot and lot of faces for its band 5 and there is no possibility that you won’t like. The variation of the faces provided by Huawei is absolutely dope, they included floral, aesthetic and formal designs which also includes cartoon themed screen faces. Earlier there were just 6 faces which you can change for the global version but now its also available for Non-Chinese users as well.

Workout Features

Workout Features

First things getting listed lastly but that’s okay because there is a lot of honor has served in the plate for band 5 users. For all kind of activity, honor has created a different mode which you can switch while performing that particular exercise for more precise and accurate data. Here is the list for all the modes available right now : 

  1. Indoor Walk
  2. Outdoor Walk
  3. Indoor Run
  4. Outdoor Run
  5. Cross Trainer
  6. Rower
  7. Indoor Swimming (50 Meters Depth)
  8. Free Training 

In between all these workout activities and whole day moving the band also shows the number of calories you burn frequently in KCal (Kilo-calorie). Also, there are basic features present like alarm, timer and sedentary reminder.


 Honor Band 5 is configured with Li-ion (Lithium Ion) battery. Honor claims the battery life to be 14 days in a single full charge and other reviewers allege it to be less than that with all features enabled but I experienced something very different and midway for the battery life.

Honor Band 5 Battery

Battery Life

The battery capacity value for the honour band 5 is 100 100mAh. I fully charged my honor band 5 and it lasted for 8 days with all features like social media notifications, calls and SMS enabled and paired with my phone via Bluetooth.

I was deliberately using all the features like workout mode, timer, music control & even went for a swimming session and it never behaved uneven or aggressive. After the battery enters the rudimentary percentage of 10% its started being annoying by notifying me to charge it after every 10 minutes.

Charging Time

Honor Band 5 comes with a proprietary magnetic charger. It’s very unremarkable that the band 5 takes around 1 Hour 30 Minutes to be fully charged which is quite a bit too much.

Connectivity and Monitoring

This is the most fascinating part about Honor’s Band 5 review that the monitoring system and connectivity is an absolute banger. Be it the Bluetooth connectivity or Huawei’s monitoring system, everything feels smooth and speedy.

Honor Band 5 Connectivity and Monitoring


Talking about the connectivity features Honor’s Band 5 uses Bluetooth 4.2. And here is how you can connect it with your smartphones with full-fledged compatibility.

How to Connect Honor Band 5 with Android Devices :

  1. Step 1: Search and download “Huawei Health App” from Playstore.
  2. Step 2: Open the app and tap on “+” icon on the top right corner of the screen, then click ADD > Smart Band > HONOR Band 5
  3. Step 3: Click “PAIR” and select your Honor Band 5 from the list of devices and wait for few seconds till it gets connected automatically.
  4. Step 4: You will receive a “Tick” option on your band screen, tap on that.
  5. Step 5: Honor Band 5 will now vibrate displaying a message notifying you that your band is successfully configured with Android Smartphone.

How to Connect Honor Band 5 with iOS Devices :

  1. Step 1: Search and download “Huawei Health App” from the App Store.
  2. Step 2: Open the Huawei Health App, select “Devices” and tap on “+” icon on the top right corner of the screen and then click Smart Band > Honor Band 5.
  3. Step 3: Now select Honor Band 5 from the list of Bluetooth devices.
  4. Step 4: You will receive a “Tick” option on your band screen, tap on that.
  5. Step 5: Honor Band 5 will now vibrate displaying a message notifying you that your band is successfully configured with Android Smartphone.


Honor Band 5 Monitoring

Huawei’s health app is the official and primary monitoring application for honor band 5 and I must say that the application is smooth as butter and very stable with the record updates. All over the UI (user interface) and the UX (user experience) of the app is pretty clean and minimal in terms of design, colours and icons.

Data Records in Huawei Health App

The data recorded in Huawei’s Health app keeps the records in many variables due to the finest of the tuning between the sensors and integrity among them and here are the sitemap of those listing.

Steps Count : 

The step count feature in the app records total steps and divide them by percentage in which you walked, ran or climbed.

Exercise Records : 

Exercises are only recorded when you turn out the workout mode. All sorts of exercise data are recorded separately for each category, date and session.

Heart Rate :

If your active heart rate monitoring is turned on the app will show you a live static graph of your heart BPM for each minute of the day. The system also tells you average resting heart rate and highest BPM of the hour/day/week/month/year. You can also set heart rate warning by clicking on the setting icon on top right and turn on heart rate warning and set heart rate limit for which you wanna be secured.

You can also choose the calculation method as there are two methods 1. Maximum Heart Rate Percentage and 2. HRR Percentage. Also, there is a chart which shows you a segment of BPM and their categories like Extreme, Anaerobic, Aerobic, Fat-Burning and Warm-Up.


As GPS (Global Positioning System) isn’t bundled in Honor band 5 you can pair it with your phone via Bluetooth and use the walk feature present in the Huawei Health App which will record the mapping movement of yours.

You can always use all the workout and monitoring features straight from the health app as well in case if you are not comfortable with using the screen. You can download it for both iOS and Android from App Store and Playstore.

Alternative Monitoring System

If you are few of those who didn’t like the Huawei’s Health App, you can use Google Fit app and pair it with Honor Band 5 very easily. You can download it for both iOS and Android from App Store and Playstore.


Honor Band 5 Accuracy

After drawing the data out of all sensors we can fairly say that Honor band 5 review was all about showing its accuracy which results above average. As it does not come with native GPS the app-based integrated GPS works quite fair. It’s overall good if you aren’t looking for something for professional training.


Review of Honor Band 5 clearly shows that the band is satisfactory with a few interesting features and can be great a primary alternate for Mi band 4 with the price tag ₹ 2,199. You can also watch the overview of Honor Band 5 in the video mentioned below.